Failed Voyage

i shall praise the Old Kingdom, where noble Knights and fair Ladies
roam the Land, upholding the Virtue of Love Allmighty, fighting for
Light, Justice, Hope and Peace. Mighty Castles protect the Realm,
strong Armies stand defiant at the Borders, and the Blessing of
one God is upon all.

i left this Land, cause i was a lonely Scholar in an ivory Tower,
not rich, not noble, not fair to behold, just a mediocre Warrior,
with a Heart full of Hope, and Doubt, and desperate Longing. Some
Secrets there were, pitiful and meager, nothing fancy, but important
enough to be ashamed of.

so i rode into the new Realm, the new Kingdom, and i was armed,
and had some old tattered Hauberk strapped to my Chest. Ill prepared
was I, and the Battles I had to fight, were all of the Mind, the
Heart, but never of the Flesh alone. All Training wasted, plunged
into Combat I was not ready for. Your own fault, Adventurer.

i wont speak of Succubi, or Demons, or Madmen. we all know who they
are. in the end, i was not able to accept Love, and failed to
tolerate different Virtue, far away from mine. so my Tears were
many, i suffered, and maybe rightly so. i am not the perfect Knight,
and humble was I bowed by merciless Fate.

This is my Valley of Sadness. And my Punishment. Maybe just, for I
did punish as well. Also a painful reminder that you burn yourself
by playing with Fire. Cursed you be, Lust, Source of my everlasting
Pain. And unworthy as I am, Love flees before me. A Pariah I am.


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