a crow whispers salvation.

return to the ancient ways. question your heart. search your soul.
combat all evil. speak your prayers. reinforce your armor. sharpen
your blade. have you forgotten who you truly are?

a crow flies away. silent and mysterious.

begin the voyage to healing. remember all the good days. never forget
the darkness. see the good things you have done. be alert to all
evil you did. try to mend wounds, yours and those of others.

i stand alone again. as it was. as it maybe will be.

the stick is finally broken. perform the rituals of cleansing. transcend
your pain. a valuable lesson in this world of destruction. learn from
every fight. walk full of pride again, when the time comes.

the shaping of a new dawn takes time. there is always hope.

face lust as well as love as noble knight, not as rogue. your color
does not count. others might rob you of your titles, your land and
maybe even your honor. it matters not. its all in your soul.

see evil’s work. dont be blind. always question their motives.

some are slaves to their weakness. their choices are bad. their lives
a mess. they wont listen, they will attack. you have to defend
yourself against them. be cautious, dont have too much pity.

trust your instincts. your feelings. your heart.

sometimes your soul begins to tremble before your thought takes form.
always listen! never ignore it! you heart will always lead the way.
speak it proudly, for it is true. dont put your mind against it.

peace is your highest form. abandon war if you can.

loneliness made you a warrior. but evil comes of it. try to become
peaceful. a defender, not an attacker. judge not too harshly. try
to transcend your inner beast. remain humble in the face of evil.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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