Unworthy of Knighthood

from now on, thou shaltst not bear the Title of White Knight
any more, expelled are you of this ancient, noble Order of
the Old Land. Darkness clouded your Judgement, Evil overshadowed
your Soul, and treacherous you have become to the most sacred
Thing of all: Love Allmighty.

fanatic and loyal to your Codex, you knew no Mercy, you judged
like an Inquisitor General, and you crushed Faery’s Wings by
doing it. No wise Balance was within you, you were dominated
by Anger and Wrath and Jealousy. So you let this happen, you
pushed away a loving Soul.

Grey or Black, take your new Color. If others forgive you, if
you forgive yourself, and vow to change your Ways, you might
redeem yourself. But your Virtues are fixed, monolithic and
immovable, even the mightiest magic Waters are unable to
soften you up.

Justice is done by your Suffering. Unworthy you are now, a
renegade Bandit, nobody will hunt you, for you torture yourself.
Flee to your Garden of lustful Dreams, let your Shadows guard
your petty Secrets. But from now on you are cursed until you
yourself lift this evil Spell.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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