Lords of Suk

the lords of suk, in the black halls of hatred and hurt emotion, they
smile now. for again, souls do combat, try to hurt each other, and there
is no end in sight. love has lost again. hatred has won. all you see,
is bitterness and the selfish desire to maim another soul.

the lords of suk, fully in flowing black robes, are ugly evil creatures,
feasting on death, suffering, destruction, and most importantly, the
agony of the soul. everytime we feed them, they get stronger, greater
and mightier. how, by all gods, can we all let this happen?

the lords of suk, they know who we are and our limits, our weakness, our
failing strength. they are aware of our failure, our error, our
misjudgement. it is what they crave, what they exploit, what they so
very much like. and we do everything to please those foul beings.

the lords of suk reward every warrior full of hatred and evil. they grant
him immense power and might. and every tear, every broken heart, this
warrior throws at their feet, makes them so happy, so content and so
joyful. grinning foul mouths, singing praise to every warrior they have.

the lands of suk are merciless barren wastes, dominated by steel fortresses,
and full of suks, ruled by their lords, spectres of foul red black evil
aura, and every hurt soul, crawling to their thrones, begging for strength,
will get it, but at a price that is horrendous to pay.

beware, hater and traveller, beware.

there are different places, for sure. places of light and love and forgiving.
but those are sometimes difficult to reach, when you are locked in combat
with your eternal foe. nevertheless, there are always redeeming choices,
and hope can light new ways.

primitive we all are, not of noble origin, that unifies us. makes us all
the same. hate, anger, wrath, jealousy. we all share what is mankind’s
downfall. we must choose how we succumb to it, or, as white knights,
resist it, and create a new dawn, maybe with our enemies, becoming friends


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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