Monthly Archives: September 2014


the boy made a new friend. always, they met on this hill top in the
midst of the jungle. he was only 9 years old, but well versed in
survival. a typical favela rat. he often fled into the jungle. there
he one day met his new friend. standing on this hill, motionless,
glittering in the sunshine. at first mistaken for some kind of statue.

the statue of a metal like substance was alive. the boy ran. but
suddenly, he could not anymore. as if he was held by an unknown
invisible hand. fear, so much fear, terror, just like in those favelas,
where daily shooting claimed lives. where humans were sold like cattle.
this was different, strange, and then his would-be friend spoke.

a deep and grave voice in the boys head. asking, probing, explaining.
a name was given. Z’aish’aq. at least it sounded like this. the boy
was crazy with fear, and angry, tried to get free, but he was held
by a force greater than anything he could imagine. as if he was held
in his mind, not in reality. there was no escape.

after a while, he was released. the statue stood there. looking down
on this small human boy who ran like hell back to his parents. but
strangely, he never told them about this encounter. and after days
of insecurity, dreams and overcoming of fear. the boy went back to
the living statue. and it was there. turning around. and … smiling.

from between the stars. not human. a messenger, a scout, a warrior.
what do you want, what do your people want?, asked the boy. there was
no answer. a little sadness. the order of things. always met with
rebellion, resistance, bloodshed. the boy couldnt understand. didnt
ask anymore. they sat there in the afternoon sun, talking about
merrier things.

how can you talk if you have no mouth? what is this you are made of?
how can you grip me without using your hands?
, the boy wanted to know.
Z’aish’aq smiled. these questions of such a young, curious mind. you
could learn it, too
, he replied, maybe. but there is not enough time.
again, sadness. the boy felt it. there was some kind of connection
between them now. pictures of alien landscapes. more of Z’aish’aqs kind.