No Voice

this beautiful land. created with blood. many more lands, butchered
and destroyed, recreated and now just as beautiful. can you undo
all atrocity by covering up all slaughtering? the order of things is
a lie. a perversion of truth. stability, peace and prosperity built
on endless mountains of skulls, blood, tears and destruction. worlds aflame.

what a mighty sphere of influence we now control. all based on a tactic
of invasion, subjugation and elimination of unwanted elements. the
order of things is a conglomerate of rules, laws and rigid philosophy.
there is no discussion, dispute or questioning. so many have become
blind, reveling in our higher purprose, to cleanse so many worlds of
chaos, our most feared enemy.

i am now No Voice. i have been forbidden to speak in the council. it
was exiled to an island far off the central city. every day i walk
in my crystal garden, watched by drones, combat guardians, they arranged
for it, no being of life should be near me, only deadly constructs
of metal. i cannot reprogram them. i cannot read or manipulate their
minds. there is no way i could call for help.

the fleet is under way. they allow me to monitor their actions. a blue
planet of primitivity. protocols, boring first contact procedures, only
some kind of bureaucracy, preparing war. a short and efficient war.
there is no need to test new weapons, they are already perfect. nobody
wants to test illegal viruses, bio bombs, or world shatter pulses. its
a pure routine invasion. a backwater planet, strategically somewhat
important. the grand scheme and yes, our enemies watch.

ironically, this blue planet named earth will be peaceful once we are
victorious. no more wars, enviro destruction, pollution or even hunger.
for the selected few survivors. genetically and mentally tested to suit
our taste. gruesome elite technical supremacist view of a superior species.
are we truly superior? or fanatic and flawed? ethically? nobody wants
to listen to me anymore. and the laws forbid that they silence me
forever. but i doubt if i am a thorn in their side, disabled and
isolated as i am right now.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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