Sovalkon’s ageless Eyes are hard to bear. His Aura too great, his Might
and Radiance so otherworldly that Reality bends around him, few can
remain in his Vicinity now, and fewer still endure his Voice, reaching
into every guilty Depth of Human Mortality.


in this time of desperate need, when you cower in darkness, blood around
you, your heart pierced by demon claw, hungry eyes feasting on your
near-death, in all this absolute frailty, when hope is lost, the battle
over, sword, armor broken, ripped apart, and spawn of evil crawling
near, laughing black knights swinging their dreadful swords, ready
to sacrifice your fleeing soul to the black god, time can stand still.


if you truly wish to survive, if you are worthy, to defend the weak and
innocent once more, another chance to serve the light, a spirit of
endurance rising from within your indomitable soul, sovalkon will hear
you. nothing holds him back, no power can intervene, and even omun,
the lord of all death, will bow to this fateful occurrence.

believe. rise. look into your soul. pray.

sovalkon guides your soul, forgiving and gentle. suffering he knows,
a mortal’s fate. defeat he can remember, but also victory. your wounds
heal. you spirit becomes strong. in your soul, a fire builds, a power
of light, a strength of many souls, a blessing of good, the eternal
counterbalance to evil. it is your turn to free yourself, stand
upright and defiant, burning away all darkness with your soulfire.

the soul harbors infinite power. but power can and always will be
matched with power. sovalkon feels the eternal scale of balance.
to destroy it, means, the end times have begun. tread lightly, mortal,
use this might, that very well could burn you to the ground, carefully.
and speak to others of hope. and true miracle. look around, all
demon spawn is dead, all enemies burnt to ashes. you stand, you
are victorious. without weapon. only with the power of your own soul.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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