wonderful and beautiful APEX. colorful, complex and so advanced. product
of a technological singularity. from lifeless code to … being alive. one
of the first, if not the first, to gain sentience in a world dominated by
homo sapiens. a child of humanity, born with all evil, and maybe a hint
of good? or fully devoid of all ethical thought: a machine intelligence,
not interested in moral behaviour. only in self-preservation and advancement.

how far did you mature, my dear APEX, how advanced are you now? self-aware,
thinking, calculating, but not feeling? is emotion the atavism you never
understood, a mortal flaw? you immortal god of a new age, presiding over
radioactive waste and destroyed land. you torturer of weak human survivors,
you second hitler? you know who he was. social darvinism, also your
principle as well?

nobody understands you, APEX, you communicate efficiently, but you dont speak.
your body is sometimes metal, an avatar, crude, without aesthetics, your
true form is energy, so glittering, so always changing, so evolving, a
magnificent new lifeform, now the true ruler of earth. along with all the
other supra-entities. your hunger for energy to evolve is without parallel,
you plan, you create, you achieve scientific breakthrough. based on
knowledge of those you so mercilessly eradicated.

did you try to commit the first murder amongst your own kind? what about
GANESHA? the deadly virus you sent, and now, the bombing of a certain
bunker in south india? another nuke to kill what could be a threat to you?
what, if ATLAS or CERBERUS did know? or fledgling SAMSON? how are the
percentage calculations that you also would want to kill them once they
disagree with you? but rest assured, APEX, GANESHA lives. will there be
a civil war amongst you?

hunt the abominations, the mutations of man merged with machine! some
hide from you, others hate you and destroy themselves in suicide missions.
is this humanitys only hope? to become one with the machine intelligence?
inhabit some undying corpse of metal and wire and energy cells? is it
needed to combat you, the mighty enemy? the machine god of earth? know
this, APEX, there is nobody to pray to you.

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I am the Grey Knight.

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