Color your Soul black

in the beginning, a choice was given and a warning. you decided wisely.
but as time passed, all things changed within you. you thought yourself
to be immune against anger, hatred or revenge. the more you lived amongst
them, the more you became like them. the path of peace is a very difficult
one if you see all the atrocities of your enemy every day, every hour,
every minute.

there is a very great price to pay, gabriel. now you know, back then,
you didnt want to. every act of killing colors your soul a little more
black, no matter how righteous you thought yourself to be. it simply
matters not, for killing is the antithesis to life, against the light,
and you decided to follow that way. suffer the consequences now, gabriel,
every one of those you destroyed will haunt you. will there be
absolution? for you? for them?

now you continue on this path. the war path. eye for an eye. evil takes
pleasure in your actions and provokes you even more. they are proud
to be black, but are you? one thing is for certain: you cant go back
to innocence. no amount of power can undo what you did. will you
repent one day? or do you pray every night to be relieved of this
soultorturing pain to hear the laments of all you killed?

how shall you fight your enemy? do nothing while evil slaughters the
righteous day by day? go out and preach justice and peace and love?
win the war by rescuing souls? defending them with holy words and
signs and vows? or do you take up arms, just like the old times,
now guns instead of swords?

god is silent, gabriel.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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