all those names, identities, one cover after another, arent you
tired, gabriel? dont you want to give up masquerading? show your
true self to the world? reveal all those deep secrets of creation
and destruction, god’s true name, or better, what he truly is?
tell the press, gabriel, or the vatican, or broadcast it all
on the internet.

point a finger at your enemy who sits peacefully in places of
power, destroying and corrupting souls and nature. you know him
as well as yourself for you are brethren. dont wanna hear that,
mr. good guy? its the fucking truth. i must say he is more
successful than you, on a larger scale. no single white
knight, campaigning across the land, can hope to match his

sure, in power you are equal. should it come to that final battle,
doomsday will break loose. come join all those apocalyptic prophets,
and set a date for that climactic occasion. you could do it,
gabriel, you know where to find him. but a precious and all
powerful scale of balance has been created since the dawn of all
time. and both of you dont dare to break it for that final war of
destruction. cowards!

arent you a little bland and uninteresting, gabriel? protector,
knight, angelic guide. dont wanna be associated with the word
angel? cause you arent? despite your name? hey, tell me, what
are you then? do you even know? some kind of alien? or
another frankenstein monster of different faith? a genetically
modified superbeing, to rescue earth from your enemy? how
does that sound?

at least your enemy has a twisted sense of humour. and is a
much better talker. very charming guy actually. and a true
ladies man! not the typical bad guy. civilized evil, so to
speak, multifacetted, and yes, sometimes very brutal, sadistic
and deadly. but thats what they all like, this aura of danger
surrounding him. so, who’s gonna win the the contest? your
handsome charming enemy or the brooding and silent white knight?


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I am the Grey Knight.

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