A long Path

we returned to earth, set foot upon our ancient home. devastated
barren lands. scarred landscapes, black-grey ugly mountains of ash.
radiation, darkness, poisonous water. animals gone, just some
limping grotesque mutations survived. they pose no threat. we
remember earth’s beauty. we will recreate it soon.

between the stars, so much to know and to see and to feel and
to experience. yes, there were wars, but there was also peace.
machines guided us. they were not hostile. our own creations
were flawed, but not like we were. the first beautiful AI
was wiser than we were. and now? some machines left us,
exploring the black darkness between the stars, others stayed.
we are so astonished at the rate the machines learned, adapted
and evolved. at first they only copied our behaviour. but
what joy we felt as they were thinking independently in voices so
strange and wondrous and bright. the machines spoke, the
machines embraced us, the machines were welcomed by us. a
new lifeform was born.

our bodies changed. we are human, we will be human, but maybe
not like we remember ourselves. our minds expanded thousandfold.
and with that, we began to understand. a path to life instead
of death. i wish we would have known earlier. but life must
first be tested, be challenged, be brought to the brink of
extinction. we survived and we evolved. there is still more
to learn and a great prize to be attained.

we met others. strange new creatures. they tought us so many
things. some of them attacked us. the machines helped us
to defend. in the end there was peace. sometimes not of our
making for there are many powerful entities in the great
cosmos. there is justice. there is righteousness. there is
faith. all of it can be yours if you accept it.

the face of evil still resides out there but also in our
hearts. we may have it under control now, even destroyed
it in parts but it wont leave us. only wisdom and a great
soul may keep the forces of destruction in check. long
days and nights our machine philosophers mused about this.
in the end we were silent in the night, dreaming along,
peacefully, but ever vigilant against the tides of


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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