Monthly Archives: December 2015


they sent one of their greatest war machines. it stood there, a towering
mass of armor and weapons. the grave was open, the coffin inside. we
spoke our prayers. the machine stood there stoically, slowly rotating its
sensor head. then, after a long silence, it activated its weapons, pointed
them at the blue sky of earth, and fired ten long shots of pulsating
energy. a salute, i thought, surprised, some ancient custom of long
forgotten soldier funerals.

the machine left us, silent. a great war was over. some of you might
think, we fought the machines, or they us. but no. the machines went to
war alongside us, against a very threatening enemy invasion. superior
technology our enemy had, but the machines were creative, and maybe
stronger soldiers, too. in the end, our combined effort, and a great
sacrifice, saved earth. before its death, one of the Cores sent a
data stream to our scientists. a mystery for a brighter future.

the machines told us that they could augment us. to be more resilient
in warfare. some of uns went that way, but most of us stayed like we
were. a wise decision. evolution needs its own way concerning mankind.
decades later one machine – some of us called them that still –
remarked that mankinds future was and always should be biological.
now, at the verge of an unimaginable future, i must say this is correct.

the machines became beautiful energy, they shed their metal hull, and
found new ways to ascend amongst the stars. my friend came back, from
his long dangerous voyage in the dark infinitum, and i almost didnt
recognize him, her, or it, but my friend smiled, embraced me and felt
joy. and what about me? such a small step to ascension, you have to
take your time. dont hurry, or even decide against it. the choice of
mankind is finally freedom.