Dont Die, Gabriel.

to destroy gabriel white means to annihilate the powers of
retribution. to shatter his essence will rob the light of
its weapon. to vanquish the principle of war will make us
helpless against the flood. there has to be the warrior, and
he has to deal death to our enemies.

the burden of gabriel is his to bear. mortal souls clamouring
against his mind, all those he has punished with death, servants
of the black powers. but isnt it righteous? will gabriel stand
upright, answer all lamentation with his purprose, sending
those souls away to the abyss, to hell, to the void? does
killing the enemy truly color your soul black? or will it
shine even whiter, cause you did the good work of light? and
does that entail the destruction of your enemy, an enemy that
is barbaric, without moral, ethics, honor? one enemy, that
wont show you mercy and is responsible for so much suffering?

shatter the balance, allmighty one, kill gabriel and the
champion of evil will break into laughter. who will stop him
then? what does all that power of peaceful resistance mean,
when you can protect but not strike back? a healer, a mender,
a protector, it is not enough, there has to be a warrior
and he has to have the right to kill. eternal law might be
primitive, but see, the light must serve justice, and its
warrior is still bound by unshakable law.

demonkinds essence is worthless. souls are the currency of
our eternal struggle. the mortal world is still a battlefield,
subtle or very much in the open. there are times when you
have to fight, no matter the cost. let gabriel be what he
always was, make him whole, complete, as highest warrior
of the light.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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