Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Wall

no matter how curious we were, the wall didnt move, nor
crack, nor vanish, nor fall. a shimmering, almost invisible
barrier, impossible to penetrate by ray, blade, projectile
or mind. unable to walk around it, through it, fly above
it or tunnel under it. it was everywhere. like a giant
monument. maybe like a cage.

great scientists we are, great collective minds, able to
touch many wonders of the universe. artists of technology,
and our creations, the machines, living friends, very
distant from those primitive constructs we created.
the wall stops us, the mighty civilization of man and
machine. the wall warns us. to delve no further into the
secrets of time.

at one point, the wall confers wisdom upon us. we knew
that some things are not meant to be changed, must stay
the same without our intervention. just as we halted the
creation of gods, and the machines halted their efforts
to create a god of their own, wisdom came to us, so many
years into the future.

now here i stand, in limbo, at this gigantic, neverending
wall, as emissary of mankind, with my friend, not longer
a machine, or artifical, but alive, a lifeform, that i
have known for half an eternity now, we smile in peace.
and accept this limit, and somehow we imagine, that an
enormous entity behind the wall, with ageless eyes,
smiles back, congratulating that we have made the right

maybe there will come a time when this wall is lifted
but only because we dont need to find its secrets cause
we already know them, by ascension, elevation, to a higher
form, a different life, that is able to understand more,
to feel more, and to maybe greet the smiling entity
as newcoming equal amongst the many layers of an
infinite universe.