Venture out into the Darkness between the Stars. Take with you a
Sphere and a Companion. Know your Power, know Humility and
above all: Truth. Challenge all Liars, the formless Mass of Evil,
fight Nihilism, be a proud Descendant of Earth, a glowing Globe
of Hope in this Universe.

Live amongst the Uninitiated, spread Wisdom but not Science, try
to give Hope to all the Hopeless, and should the Time come,
show them a Fraction of your own Might, always for a good Cause,
sometimes Seeing is believing for all those who dwell in the
Shadow of Doubt.

Should you be threatened, you have all the Tools to resist, should
there be War or insurmountable Odds, your Companion could call a
Weapon from Earth. But always look beyond the Obvious, be like
Water, a Phrase of a very wise Warrior of Old Earth, and try to
weather all Conflict.

Make Friends, explore the countless Worlds, learn and expand,
use your Mind to become even greater, more capable, bend Reality,
als you did before, see behind the Curtain, but never visit the
forbidden Realm, for there are Entities who dont take kindly to
you being there.

You are a Healer, Descendant from Earth, mend as many Wounds
as you can, and let them understand, you do it not because there
would be some kind of Reward. Lead by Example, your Deeds shall
make you known as Benefactor of Life. Dont let them follow you
as Disciples, be always alone in your Travels.

You will develop even more. Your Evolution takes an interesting
Turn. We all strive for Ascension, to shed our Bodies, to
become truly limitless. Be patient, never stop to learn, even
a tiny Spark of Light on a dark ravaged Planet can be a
Lesson of Importance. Know this: there is no End to Life,
may it be in this Universe or all the others.


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I am the Grey Knight.

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