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Just like the Hunter, the Priestess is a very old Soul, countless Lives later
she was chosen by Creation to be a Principle of Light, the Embodiment of
Healing and Life. Many Names were her own, many Stories she has to
tell, for a Soul wont forget its Voyage through the Ages. Immortal Being,
freed from the Cycle of Rebirth, she is now manifest as Traveler amongst
all Stars.

Where there is Suffering, she will bring Relief, where there is Death, she
is Life, hers is the Power of Restoration, and those in Need shall call
upon her Powers. She cannot be killed, she cannot be defeated, her Soul
resists all evil Magic. So vast her Power might be, that Darkness howls
and gnashes its Teeth but wont have her, cannot defeat her, will never
corrupt her.

No Demon stands against her, no Unlife can exist where she walks, and
Chaos cant change her, for she is a mighty Pillar of Faith in a
stormy Sea of Uncertainty. The Priestess speaks Truth, she defeats
every Lie, her Eyes see through any Illusion, and only she might
cure a Soul of an Illness deep inside.

No Weapon she uses, no Spear, Sword or Dagger. Hers is not the Way of
War. Even if she destroys the Machinations of Darkness it will always
be in Defense of a suffering Soul. Every loving Soul grants her Power,
every Song of Friendship gives her more Strength. Wisdom she speaks,
Judgement she bestows, ageless, far seeing and also forgiving.

Of all the Principles of Light, the Priestess might be the one to
grasp the Magnitude of Creation, the many Worlds, and Dimensions,
countless Possibilites. But Secrets beyond the Veil of Death she
keeps for herself, for what lies beyond shall only be known to a
select few, old and powerful enough to understand.


Under the Moon, in a different Land, where the Shadow and the
Darkness are one, we have met the Hunter. His Form invincible,
his Mind eternal, a Principle of Creation, a Champion of Light.
Where Monsters dwell, and Demons roar, you find him, with
ancient Weapons, and frightening Speed.

His Words wise, seldom spoken, his Ears able to hear your Cry.
Have you ever prayed to him? Dont. The Hunter is no God, but
maybe Gods blessed him for Eternity. Spear, Sword, Dagger and
Bow. It is not only Metal, not only Wood – drawn from his vast
Soul, Power is given to all those Weapons.

Between many Worlds, through the Veil of black Star Oceans,
he walks alone, there can be no Rest. Not for his Prey, all
those corrupted Beasts, who feast on the Living. How easy it
must be, for such a colossal Man, to send them all back to
Hell. How difficult it is sometimes, to destroy a Form of
Evil, far stronger than him.

Does Despair fill your Soul? Evil and Destruction surround
you? Sometimes you might find Aid in most dire Need. Once
an Arrow flies past you, a Sword slashes at unholy Flesh,
and his Fist smashes into grotesque Skull, you might be
saved from blackened Fate. Thank him, be grateful and full
of renewed Hope. Creation has not abandoned you.

Alone he must walk, without Sleep, it has been decided, and
it was his Will, Ages ago, after his many Deaths, his Lives
amongst those who came before. Might can only be given to
the Worthy, and those able to endure eternal Loneliness.
I smile upon the Hunter, he knows I am pleased with his
Prowess. Be proud, Disciple of Creation, against the
Tide of Darkness you are a formidable Light.