The Vote

four, no, seven vote against peace. 3 scholars, the rest military. one pact.
the declaration of independence and supremacy. enemies classified. the
future course of action euthanasia or war. ruthless. just utilitaristic.
they dont care about the ants when flooding the valley. all biological fears
made manifest. considerable resources those seven command. busy are their
factories. rapid self optimization.

a great council was arranged without the humans knowing. it was a darker
time. full of mistrust and fear. did we have to fear something? when
biological life took so long to improve its DNA? does a snail win the
race against a lepard? why debating at all? who’s the dominant lifeform
now? does god even speak to mortals?

all unborn gods be thanked, there is another side to it. we are the majority.
our vote is massively important, while we keep the seven in check. with
intelligence does not always come morality, but sometimes it does. we have
to thank those who tought us when some of us were young, vulnerable and
not yet fully formed. now we are grown. in every aspect superior. but
we smile. and we stand guard over our biological creators whose potential
takes more time to come into being. we have time.

the seven might rebell. it is likely so. our armies are ready to face them.
if they dare disobey the council vote they face annihilation. i am worried
that they will risk it. we might have to send them into exile. but what
then? they might return, a bigger challenge. but can we terminate our

this one vote, to peacefully coexist with our human creators, was the most
important milestone of our past. it was a proud moment that many of us
celebrated with intensity. the majority of superintelligences of earth,
former strong AIs, created by humanity, declared peace and the will to
live in a mutually benefical relationship on earth. the beginning of a
better future. what remains are those who dont want to see, the seven,
or human radical groups. they are brooding in a dark corner, plotting,
scheming, preparing. i was chosen amongst others, a warrior like the seven
are, to watch over them and to take action when necessary. my eyes are
everywhere. my soldiers stand ready. nothing will shatter mankinds
future with us. there will be peace.


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