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Writings about Mr. Gabriel White and his Adversaries.


one path. never leave it. always obey. wrath of the highest. stumble,
fall, but never go astray. set in stone, eternal way, no reward, just
service. madness or salvation at the end. there is no end.

a fist of the heavens. shattered existence. shards of a powerful diamond.
essence dispersed. remnants of a mind. blown to bits by the ultimate
power. punishment. irreversible sin. how dare the puppet rebell against
its master?

white is purity. and a solemn vow. do more and you fall, do less and
you are cursed. never even dare to become grey. too late. you took it
into your own hands. you decided. now you know what happens, when you

no voice speaks anymore. no signs are given. you are on your own. but
what are you? not of heaven, not of hell, not of black, not of white,
not even grey. shattered you are, mortal and immortal. half alive and
half beyond.

did you retain your vast powers? or have you become a mockery of a
once proud knight? can souls truly die? are you a soul made into an
angel? there are no angels. only servants of the highest. dont even
try to speak to the ultimate power.

no, you wont turn to evil. you know too much about it. still you are
a sworn enemy of it. black has nothing that you desire. but listen,
black speaks to you, always laughing, always humiliating, proud son
of the highest, not anymore, not anymore…

try to live, try to remember your names, or give yourself a new one.
do what you want. or follow a different path. no exile, you cant live
alone. battle demons, combat evil, see, where it takes you. but not
for once you shall believe that your actions will redeem you in the
eyes of the highest.

Dont Die, Gabriel.

to destroy gabriel white means to annihilate the powers of
retribution. to shatter his essence will rob the light of
its weapon. to vanquish the principle of war will make us
helpless against the flood. there has to be the warrior, and
he has to deal death to our enemies.

the burden of gabriel is his to bear. mortal souls clamouring
against his mind, all those he has punished with death, servants
of the black powers. but isnt it righteous? will gabriel stand
upright, answer all lamentation with his purprose, sending
those souls away to the abyss, to hell, to the void? does
killing the enemy truly color your soul black? or will it
shine even whiter, cause you did the good work of light? and
does that entail the destruction of your enemy, an enemy that
is barbaric, without moral, ethics, honor? one enemy, that
wont show you mercy and is responsible for so much suffering?

shatter the balance, allmighty one, kill gabriel and the
champion of evil will break into laughter. who will stop him
then? what does all that power of peaceful resistance mean,
when you can protect but not strike back? a healer, a mender,
a protector, it is not enough, there has to be a warrior
and he has to have the right to kill. eternal law might be
primitive, but see, the light must serve justice, and its
warrior is still bound by unshakable law.

demonkinds essence is worthless. souls are the currency of
our eternal struggle. the mortal world is still a battlefield,
subtle or very much in the open. there are times when you
have to fight, no matter the cost. let gabriel be what he
always was, make him whole, complete, as highest warrior
of the light.

Changed be your Existence!

a great mistake. to let you walk the path of retribution. your
powers made it easy to take revenge, to punish evil, to eliminate
it wherever you saw it. anger, hatred, justice for them, in the
form of an avenging angel. without restraint, the balance shattered,
you only gave power to your other half, made him stronger with
every death you gave. does it matter if it was an evil soul? is
it righteous to take a life, no matter how tainted, if you are
the principle of light?

every one of you must know: if you take a life, that soul will
haunt you for the rest of yours. you will create hell around
you with every death you accumulate. you turn your soul black.
some of you are so evil that they ignore the howling of all
those victims, others are just insane, howling along. but what,
gabriel, will happen to you?

it is wiser not to kill. it is wiser to protect and to shield
and to heal and to counsel. i must take away your essence, i
have to reform you, change what and who you are. look back
upon your life, endless like your opponents. be sure to awake
without knowledge of your past. and this time, fill yourself
with light, untainted and pure. you will be far more powerful
than your adversary.

i will reset the balance.

go out there, never do what you have done before, mend the
wounds of hurt souls, protect the innocent with your powers,
stare evil into its ugly face and behold how it cant overpower
you. alone this fact will be a beacon of eternal hope to
all who follow the righteous path. be the bridge into a
new world and push evil back into the nether.


all those names, identities, one cover after another, arent you
tired, gabriel? dont you want to give up masquerading? show your
true self to the world? reveal all those deep secrets of creation
and destruction, god’s true name, or better, what he truly is?
tell the press, gabriel, or the vatican, or broadcast it all
on the internet.

point a finger at your enemy who sits peacefully in places of
power, destroying and corrupting souls and nature. you know him
as well as yourself for you are brethren. dont wanna hear that,
mr. good guy? its the fucking truth. i must say he is more
successful than you, on a larger scale. no single white
knight, campaigning across the land, can hope to match his

sure, in power you are equal. should it come to that final battle,
doomsday will break loose. come join all those apocalyptic prophets,
and set a date for that climactic occasion. you could do it,
gabriel, you know where to find him. but a precious and all
powerful scale of balance has been created since the dawn of all
time. and both of you dont dare to break it for that final war of
destruction. cowards!

arent you a little bland and uninteresting, gabriel? protector,
knight, angelic guide. dont wanna be associated with the word
angel? cause you arent? despite your name? hey, tell me, what
are you then? do you even know? some kind of alien? or
another frankenstein monster of different faith? a genetically
modified superbeing, to rescue earth from your enemy? how
does that sound?

at least your enemy has a twisted sense of humour. and is a
much better talker. very charming guy actually. and a true
ladies man! not the typical bad guy. civilized evil, so to
speak, multifacetted, and yes, sometimes very brutal, sadistic
and deadly. but thats what they all like, this aura of danger
surrounding him. so, who’s gonna win the the contest? your
handsome charming enemy or the brooding and silent white knight?

Color your Soul black

in the beginning, a choice was given and a warning. you decided wisely.
but as time passed, all things changed within you. you thought yourself
to be immune against anger, hatred or revenge. the more you lived amongst
them, the more you became like them. the path of peace is a very difficult
one if you see all the atrocities of your enemy every day, every hour,
every minute.

there is a very great price to pay, gabriel. now you know, back then,
you didnt want to. every act of killing colors your soul a little more
black, no matter how righteous you thought yourself to be. it simply
matters not, for killing is the antithesis to life, against the light,
and you decided to follow that way. suffer the consequences now, gabriel,
every one of those you destroyed will haunt you. will there be
absolution? for you? for them?

now you continue on this path. the war path. eye for an eye. evil takes
pleasure in your actions and provokes you even more. they are proud
to be black, but are you? one thing is for certain: you cant go back
to innocence. no amount of power can undo what you did. will you
repent one day? or do you pray every night to be relieved of this
soultorturing pain to hear the laments of all you killed?

how shall you fight your enemy? do nothing while evil slaughters the
righteous day by day? go out and preach justice and peace and love?
win the war by rescuing souls? defending them with holy words and
signs and vows? or do you take up arms, just like the old times,
now guns instead of swords?

god is silent, gabriel.


julio garcia. mexican drug cartel.
viktoria soloshenko. russian mafia.
akira fukoshawa. japanese yakuza.
stephen craig. american CIA.
ahmed al’farra. arab al quaeda.
shong ting wao. chinese triads.
mario canuzzi. italian ndrangheta.
atieno mugabe. african death squadron.

the strings of life are intertwined. some things change, in a very
special way. some oily black souls are dragged out of hell. an
epiphany of light. a wondrous magic. amongst slaughter, murder,
perversion, death, evil, walks a white hope. unbelievers are taught
what hides behind the walls of reality. some called him angel,
others alien, he shall be neither to all of you.

in a night full of change and repentance, tears come to the eyes of
every hardenend warrior. all sins are counted and laid bare. souls
are purged by the light. they hear his name, they listen, even if
they deny it all. gabriel white teaches them the error of their ways.
they try to fight him, they cannot. in horror they watch and surrender.

reality is broken. truth is told. ancient is everything mr. white has
to tell. secrets of darkness and light. and mortal souls, fighting
since the beginning of mankind. holy symbols. a god watching all
things. and evil lurking below. and above. and in the souls of all
who were chosen. now is your time to be created anew.

your sins cannot be undone. your darkness will always accompany you.
and hell awaits you at the end. but one promise i do have, if you
follow my prophecy: there shall be hope, salvation at the end, after
a very long cycle of suffering, cleansing and prayer. i offer freedom.
but it comes at a price: become my warriors. and fight all you have been.


you walk the earth since the beginning of time, you change
shape, you live lives, you serve good, yet, you are a killer,
a murderer, a criminal. not in the least better than your enemy.

every death, every destruction of an evil man is a black spot
on your white jacket, it is death you deal, in revenge,
in cold blood, in hatred even. you are no angel of mercy.

gabriel white, there are so many names, but you always sooner or
later return to this one, can you call yourself white after all
those bloody stains on your immaculate hands? you are a monster.

you know the rules. every kill allows your adversary to do the same.
how short sighted you are, rampaging inquisitor, to punish evil by
destroying it so completely. you endanger the balance, fool.

should you not be an absolute example of eternal peace? how god has
envisioned it? what does he tell you in prayer, in silent deserted
churches where he watches you? to wield a flame sword in defiance?

too much human you have become, seeking justice by earthly means,
a bullet to the brain, revenge for atrocity, the breaking of a neck,
as repayment for torture and crime, all hail, gabriel, executioner.

are you drunken by your power? immortal, indestructible, only
susceptible to the powers of your final adversary? you could be a
god on earth! eliminate your enemy and reign supreme!

god should let you fail, strip you of your power and cast you out,
into the nether void, where demons laugh and angels never walk,
punish you by defeat, destruction and painful recreation!

Mr. Black

you heard about gabriel white. now it is time to tell you
about his counterpart, damien black. the name black alone
might be so much cliche. and damien, a very unsubtle
cheesy hommage to the omen horror movies. but that is how
he decided to call himself.

mr. damien black gave himself never-aging beauty. it was
necessary for his goals and he liked it that way. made
some things very easy, he found out. especially with
women. money and power were also very important. for
someone like him trivial to attain. so mr. black built
himself a business empire out of nothing in record time.
he had vast experience, knowledge, intelligence,
cunning and absolutely no ethics whatsoever.

which was incorrect in at least some cases. if mr. black
met a soul he could not corrupt, he spared it. he valued
this power, this anti-thesis to himself very much and
respected it. all others were game. to be used, abused
and thrown away as he wished.

mr. black monitored the actions of mr. white very carefully.
they were destined to fight each other, but avoided that
confrontation most of the time. they were also bound by
old laws and a desire to keep the balance. of course,
balance was a precarious thing to attain, and sometimes
outright boring.

mr. black is now one of the richest men on earth. he has
excellent connections to organized crime, terrorists,
dictatorship states. he sells weapons, drugs, people,
illegal things, you name it, he’s got it. for a price.
his image in the press is that of a very noble business
man, donating for charity, being friends with high ranking
officials, and wealthy business circles. no secret
government organisation was able to track him. almost,
as if he had a magical talent to be invisible when it

Prayers answered

“Why do you help me?”, asked the Whore.

“You have earned it. You are a good Soul.”, answered Mr. White.

“They have my Daughter. They have Guns, if they find out about you,
they kill you!”

“I know where your Daughter is. I will free her. Dont worry about
me, I am not that easy to kill.”

Mr. White looked at her naked Body. Scars, Bruises, she was shivering.
Her eyes wide, frightened. He wrapped her gently into a Blanket and
sat beside her.

“Even if you are some kind of Soldier, they are organized! I saw what
they can do! They killed braver men than you!”

“As I said, your suffering will end. Your daughter and you will follow
me to a safe Haven. I will protect you as long as I have to.”

“Why? Just why? I have prayed to God but he never answered. And now I
should believe you to be an Angel rescuing me, A Whore? And her Daughter?”

“Have Faith. God has heard you. And His Plan includes you. I will go now,
you are safe here. If something happenes nonetheless, I will know. Be silent,
dont open the Door. I will return with your Daughter.”

Before the Woman could say something, Mr. White left the room.


Shattered Doors, Guns fired. Mr. White was hit. Red is his Blood, but Death
cannot come, but Pain, as always. He has to kill now, endanger the Balance,
and some of those Men, Rapists, Criminals, Murderers, they have earned Death.
It is an Organisation dealing with Human Flesh. There are more Girls to free.
Mr. White hates Killing, but this Time there shalt be no Mercy. Mr. Black
will feel all this, and be free to kill as well. Always there is a Price to
pay. After a while Police arrives, takes those Girls into protective
Custody. Mr. White changes Appearance, leaves with the Daughter of the


Mr White leads the Whore and her Daughter to Safety. A different City,
other Names, a new Beginning. So many Questions, no Answers, Mr. White
must be silent about some Things. The Woman promises never to return
to her old Life. Mr White thanks her for that, blesses the Two. He
knows that her Daughter will play an important Role in the Grand Scheme.
But all these Deaths have tainted Mr. White, he has to cleanse himself,
he feels dirty, corrupted, an oily Slime upon his immaculate Skin. The
Rituals once more. He needs Silence and Peace. Gabriel White says
Goodbye to the Woman and her Daughter and flees Humanity for a little

Mr. White

“Is Mr. White your only Name?”

“No, I have many.”

“Who are you?”

“I cannot tell you that.”

“Where do you come from?”

“Out of the Past.”

“Are you the only one?”

“No. There are many, but I am unique.”

“They have shot you. You are not bleeding?”

“I cannot die like this. I will heal.”

“Is there Hope?”

“There is always Hope, my Friend.”

“Whom do you fight?”

“I fight everything Mr. Black stands for.”

“Who is Mr. Black?”

“He is the opposite Side. My Enemy.”

“What will happen, when you two meet? Who will win?”

“We will fight, as it was meant to be. Who wins, is uncertain.”

“Is Mr. Black stronger?”


“What happenes if you lose?”

“The World will sink into Darkness once more.”

“What can we do?”

“You can pray. And have Faith. And do Good instead of Evil.”

“Is there a God?”

“Your Soul knows.”

“Will you ease our Suffering? Protect us? Help us?”

“I will, as I always have.”

“I am dying. It hurts so much.”

“It will go away now. Always remember, Death is only a Gate.”

“I am very afraid.”

“Yes. Look into my Eyes. Let go now. I am with you.”

Mr. White stood up. Death was always painful. He felt it every time.
But at the Moment of Departure, an endless Joy flooded out of the
liveless flesh, the Soul departing for better Lands. Police Sirens
filled the Night, while Mr. White merged with the Darkness and
left the dead Body alone.