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Sovalkon’s ageless Eyes are hard to bear. His Aura too great, his Might
and Radiance so otherworldly that Reality bends around him, few can
remain in his Vicinity now, and fewer still endure his Voice, reaching
into every guilty Depth of Human Mortality.


in this time of desperate need, when you cower in darkness, blood around
you, your heart pierced by demon claw, hungry eyes feasting on your
near-death, in all this absolute frailty, when hope is lost, the battle
over, sword, armor broken, ripped apart, and spawn of evil crawling
near, laughing black knights swinging their dreadful swords, ready
to sacrifice your fleeing soul to the black god, time can stand still.


if you truly wish to survive, if you are worthy, to defend the weak and
innocent once more, another chance to serve the light, a spirit of
endurance rising from within your indomitable soul, sovalkon will hear
you. nothing holds him back, no power can intervene, and even omun,
the lord of all death, will bow to this fateful occurrence.

believe. rise. look into your soul. pray.

sovalkon guides your soul, forgiving and gentle. suffering he knows,
a mortal’s fate. defeat he can remember, but also victory. your wounds
heal. you spirit becomes strong. in your soul, a fire builds, a power
of light, a strength of many souls, a blessing of good, the eternal
counterbalance to evil. it is your turn to free yourself, stand
upright and defiant, burning away all darkness with your soulfire.

the soul harbors infinite power. but power can and always will be
matched with power. sovalkon feels the eternal scale of balance.
to destroy it, means, the end times have begun. tread lightly, mortal,
use this might, that very well could burn you to the ground, carefully.
and speak to others of hope. and true miracle. look around, all
demon spawn is dead, all enemies burnt to ashes. you stand, you
are victorious. without weapon. only with the power of your own soul.

Delicate Balance

to use your power means to threaten the balance.

channel the fire of your soul, obliterate the demons one by one,
burn away evil with your righteous gaze, bring back life to those
killed, face omun’s wrath in defiance, all this is possible.

what you do, the other can do as well. changed, twisted, full of malice.

weigh your choices, avatar, decide wisely, and let him act first.
always look for small wonders, little deeds, and careful plans.
bait him, wait it out, and arm yourself against mortal’s suffering.

the time of shattering comes. let us not provoke it too early.

when balance breaks, all out war ensues, grandfather dragon rises from
the core, we will be ready, the doors of ilianq will open, countless
warriors will go forth, and hell erupts on the earthen fields of your

balance is a shackle, a pain, but a necessity. the all-power wills it.

chaos swirls in the outer black darkness. it is neither good, nor evil.
chaos cares not for our wars, it swallows us all equally. the dragons
fled the chaos a long time ago. its might is as great as the all-power.
there might come a time when good and evil merge to face chaos again.

everything consists of two sides. balance between it.

if you pray to evil, or to good, they are part of the all-power. two
gods become one. you might call your enemy brother. but as the law
dictates, there shall always be war between them. light and darkness
in eternal struggle. only grandfather dragon protects this balance.


In a dark moonless Night, Caleris sought out Sovalkon in the Woods
where he stood motionless for Hours. He knew she was coming, just
as he was aware of all Beings, his Mind had grown and the Power of
a God infused him.

Caleris approached Sovalkon from behind and gently laid a Hand
upon his Shoulder. He didnt move at first, but turned around then,
gazed into her Eyes. For an endless Moment there were no Words but his
Finger, trailing her Chin, and his Eyes looking into hers, until
she averted her Gaze, not being able to bear his Presence.

There was a long Silence and Caleris dared not look into the Eyes
of Sovalkon again. His Aura and his otherworldy Complexion reminded
her that the Love of her Past had gone. Words seemed not necessary,
while Sovalkon touched her Shoulders and embraced her gently. It
was like an Excuse, an Explanation, that Sovalkon’s Heart was now
far away, not anymore concerned with her, at the Command of a God.

Caleris cried for a long Time, while Sovalkon held her, his Face
an Expression of cold Stone against the Darkness. He felt her Sadness,
her Defeat, her destroyed Hope, that he would return as her Lover again.
Evil smiles now, Sovalkon thought, for he knew Toshrak saw this and
Caleris would be a Target for him to attack.

Sovalkons Love had been forbidden, in his mortal Life, he had to serve
his God, and not love a Woman, Creed of a Paladin. But there was
Caleris, her Lure was great, her Love was true, and so Sovalkon fell,
and in a Night, not unlike this one, they sealed a Pact, of Lust and
Love, gentle and wild. Sovalkon left her, with the Promise to be back,
but then, his God called, he died and came back, and all Mortality
is now a Dream of the Past.

Caleris finally looked up. “Do you love me? Do you recognize me?”,
she asked, while Sovalkon closed his Eyes and held her tight. There
was no Answer from his God now, only total Silence, and the Avatar
of Light was alone with his Responsibility. There was Love still,
but Love for all Beings, and Caleris held a special Place in his Heart
but it wasnt the Love a mortal Man could give her.

“I am different now. But I know of our Past.”, was all he managed.
Caleris slapped his Face, wrestled free of his Embrace and turned
away. In the Distance Wolves howled, and Toshrak laughed. Sovalkon
tried to get near her, but she drew her Sword and pointed it at
his Heart. “I know I cannot kill you anymore, Avatar, but I’ll try
if you get your immortal Hands on me again!”, she hissed. Sovalkon
sighed and halted. He felt Grief, and Pain, his own and hers, and
remembered the Love of his mortal Self, how they spent some Nights
together, in Warmth, and Silence, and Security.

” I remember it all, Caleris. I am not dead inside. But it is so
distant, so strange, I am lost, cannot describe it, I have changed
so much you wouldnt believe. But I am sorry, so endlessly sorry.
I didnt want to abandon you, but Fate, my Faith, you know of it,
when my God called I had to answer, there was no Choice.”, Sovalkon
said and gripped the Blade with his Hand, there was Pain, but no

Caleris sheathed her Blade, freed it violently from his Grasp.
The Wound in his Hand closed quickly. She looked into his Eyes, full
of Anger, Hatred and cursed him. “You always loved your God more
than me. Is this how you repay my Feelings? You immortal Idiot!
Would your God be of the Light he would have saved our Love. This
uncaring and cruel Deity is just the same as his Counterpart!”

Caleris spat onto the Ground, ran to her Horse, and rode away.
Not once did she look back. And Sovalkon Shadizar, Avatar of the
Light, once Paladin of the God of Light, remained in the Night,
silent and broken.

Sovalkon’s Return

You are changed, you are made anew,
your Soul is enlightened, you Mind full of Wisdom,
you are with Me now, I am a Part of You,
Mortality and Death are beyond, Eternity lies ahead.

When you return, my Avatar, when you set Foot upon Argelis,
all Beings instantly recognize you, some will fear you,
others welcome you, but all will see who you are,
be they magical or mundane, they will have Knowledge about you.

Those who knew you, might not find a familiar Person,
all your Friends, your Comrades, your Battle Brethren,
they shy away now, for you are different, it might trouble
your Heart, Sovalkon, but this is the Price to pay.

Once on Argelis again, you will hear everything, see all,
and sense every living Creature, evil as well as good. Your
Mind will look into every Soul, your Thought will be able
to move Mountains, you will command my Power.

Use it wisely, for everything you do, my Enemy will be allowed
to do as well. The Balance is delicate, and Grandfather
Drakkhon wont be cheated. Fear no Evil, for only Toshrak
can attack you, and only when the Time has come.

Go and heal the Darkness, defeat and destroy all Evil,
be a Light for every Mortal, and a Guidance for the Seekers,
gather my Armies, be the Leader they need, and through you,
my eternal Eyes shall guide the Fate of the Universe.

But I warn you, my Son, there is a third Power, named Chaos,
without Mind or Intelligence, but with vast Might, beyond
Creation it lurks, even my Enemy fears it, should Chaos,
endless and all-devouring, attack us, even Evil will not
tolerate this, and there shall be a Truce to fight the
Common Enemy, for Creation and Destruction face complete
Elimination by the mindless Power of Chaos.

Sovalkons Fall

the signs stood in the sky, dark starless night,
he walked the path of destiny, his mind fixed and ready,
I walked behind him, Tears in my ageless Eye,
for the Time had come, of Defeat and Suffering.

Lords of Demonkind, fearless, proud, and strong,
a Horde of Darkness, led by Toshrak, Avatar of my Enemy,
a God is not careless, a God is not without Sorrow,
and Sovalkon fought like thousand men, to no avail.

Mortality is so frail, Flesh and Bone so quick to break,
the Soul is eternal, but soon exhausted, the Terror of
Darkness eating away, siphoning your Power, and so
my beloved Child Sovalkon was defeated, thrown to the Ground.

I saw my Brother, I raised my Fist in Anger, for I was the
Light, will ever be, the Force of true Creation, and nobody
touches my beloved Children without Fear of Retribution!
I am forever the God of Light, but here, I bow to Fate.

They took Sovalkon, they threw him into their Dungeons,
and Toshrak smiled, Torture and Humiliation began, while
I stood beside, bound by the Laws of Eternity, suffering
with my mortal Child, and speaking to him in Whispers.

At the End, I spoke the Word of Passing, Omun’s final
Atonement, and the Soul and Flesh of Sovalkon were removed
from the mortal Realm, and even Toshrak bowed, for he
respected the Powers at Work there, and Sovalkon’s Strength.

Now Silence for you, now Death’s Rest and Peace. Cross the
Barrier of Life and Afterlife, and sleep, Sovalkon, while
I reach for you, while I take you with me, from down below,
out of the icy Ocean of Nothingness, into the new Dawn.

As Sovalkon awoke, in Ilianq, he saw into my immortal Eyes,
and his Soul exploded with Joy, his Life was renewed, and
I was finally able to use all my Power to restore my
Avatar, the true Son of Light, Sovalkon, Lord of my Armies.

Long Silence was between God and mortal Man who died and
came back, then, there were Words and Thoughts, and
Remembering, shared Pain, Suffering, Fear, Death, Darkness.
The Joy and Strength of Life heals his Wounds, but slowly.

You have changed, you are a Vessel to be filled, but not
empty, rather complete, Death has no Meaning anymore, forever
now, you will be a Part of me. Your Power is now vast, for
Evil was shortsighted, and rash, and quick, and too greedy to win.

The Balance of the Scale, Grandfather Dragon, is restored by
the Forces of Good, Sovalkon matches his Enemy now, in Might,
in Power, in Greatness. He will return to Argelis, and speak
with the Authority of a God and all the Experience of his mortal Self.

Sovalkon’s Way

your power will grow, no doubt
you will lead, others will follow
shining soul, light of hope

but your fate must change
you must fall, to rise again
one gate, you have to pass

they will catch you, you will lose
your might is limited, your power gone
the darkness laughs, Toshrak has won?

torture, pain, humiliation
i would spare you that fate
but it has to be, there is no other way

know this: i will never leave you
always be at your side
for i have promised, a long time ago

death will take you, sovalkon, my child
you will fall into the ocean of darkness
to the ground you sink, cold silence

there you will be alone, only omun’s gaze upon you
your flesh destroyed, your soul dormant
defeated, gone, forgotten?

see! my hand plunges into that ocean of nothingness
takes you, wakes you, brings your soul up
into the new dawn, the light, salvation!

to ilianq you go, with me, and stay there
an eternity of healing, remembering
and preparation

once you are back, the one who died and lives again
you will be truly my avatar
my instrument, my power, my law

bursting with soulfire, having seen what no other could see
you can lead my armies
for nothing evil throws at you, can defeat you

there is nothing to fear then
for undeath is a mockery of your limitless life
there is nothing to challenge you
for demonspawn cannot resist your burning justice

only one you will then face
the avatar of my enemy
and this will be your final battle
deciding the fate of argelis once more


most unlikely of humans
strong heart, pure soul
you have been chosen

come and see the glory of the light
feel its everlasting power
ready yourself and prepare

ilianq awaits, and immortal eyes
burning, searching, judging
i am sure you will prevail

the will of the one god dictates
you are the vessel we seek
rise above your mortality

share the suffering of the weak
hear the cries of the dying
feel the terror of the fearful

stand against the storm
rise with pride and power
behind you the army of creation

all hail, sovalkon
lord and leader
hope and future of argelis