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My Take on Zombies.


let me talk about myself now. i am something special,
trust me. when everybody got sick, or died, or was
shot, i survived. what a lucky bastard i am. truly.
its silent nowadays outside, until somebody trips an
alarm or gets attacked by … whatever. i’ll come to
that later. i am very proud of myself, but maybe i
cannot take credit for my miraculous survival. some
things just happened, the fever was mean, the pain
almost unbearable. blood everywhere, passed out, voila,
not dead. hm, dead. should i tell you?

what you can read in books, or see in movies, it did
happen in my world. no pretty sight. as a coward, i
barricaded up my home, didnt have any guns, and was
truly afraid when the lights went out, the radio became
silent and the tv turned off. emergency broadcasting.
search and rescue teams. glorious bullshit. now i make
do without them. strangely, i am pretty good at survival
now. but maybe thanks to my new … condition.

in my world, some things are different. you could say
i am the greatest difference! first rule: never look into
a mirror again. second rule: learn to live with the hunger.
third rule: everybody is your enemy. even those of …
your kind. they dont rot in my world. they are there to
stay. you wont get any scientific explanation right now.
assume it was some idiotic death ray from space. if that
calms you down. i am not proud of what i do now sometimes.
at least contrary to some … others.

intelligence is such a blessing in my new condition. i know
that some others have it too. dangerous creatures indeed.
and more interesting to hunt than your ordinary … what
do you call them? walker, biter, zombie? this word! i hate
it now. some are alive, some are dead, some are … in
between? you cannot call it immunity to virus/deathray/
whatever. its just a mockery of nature. i guess i have
adapted to my new world. last piece of advice: dont cross
my path. i might be hungry.