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The Poetry of the Black Knight


Don your Armor, take your Sword and Shield. I am in Need of you now.
Chant the Warrior Songs of Old, prepare yourself with iron Mind. Your
Strength is of Value now. I wont tell you what we fight, or where,
or whom. I just need your Protection now. For I am weak.

You are the Idol of my Power. You are what I could not always be.
Rise and answer the Challenge. My Power is yours, the meager Remnant
that I possess. All Magic of darker Realms is with you, from
deepest Sources, most hidden Secrets, unbeknownst to Mortal Eye.

Thus ready, you shalt stand guard, at the Gate to this well known
Garden of black-thorned Roses, while I venture into it, amidst
dying Flowers, decrepit sunken Walls and the Pavillion of Lost
Dreams. There I shall stay for an Eternity, silent and suffering.

It will take Time to heal, Black Knight, stand vigilant. Every
Visitor shall be questioned, or attacked if an Enemy. Maybe,
when the Signs are right, one Visitor shall come, to heal and
mend my Wounds, to reconcile with my Bitterness.

Look! In that Corner, there lies your Armor, the white one,
bloodstained and wet of Tears, its not your Blood, and not
your Tears. What Massacre have you committed, mad Man? Whom
have you hurt that cared for you?

The old Creed is true: nothing can hurt a Shadow. and a Shadow
cant hurt anyone.



Crush the Barrier of Realities,
let the Armies through,
greet them as a Lord you never were
and lead them to a gruesome Battle

Darkness is the Weapon of Choice,
evil Monstrosities are the Machine of War,
get your Retaliation, your Revenge,
now you are so mighty

Seek out your Enemies, one by one,
destroy them with all your Power,
let nobody remain alive,
for now the Time of the Reaper has come

Once the Deed is done,
and Ashes remain of all your Enemies,
you are alone, what a glorious Victor,
the Winner of the Fight

In the End, you die alone,
for all have gone, be it through your Hand or not,
Evil is an Instrument of Corruption,
and you, of all Beings, have been tainted the most

Black Knight II

Grey becomes black.

The Ways are closed.

Now is the Time to conquer.


See how you change in the Flesh and the Mind

Power is your only Truth

Find the Traitors, let them suffer first.


Forget the Lure of Passion, Son of Hatred,

become a true King of Evil

Let it all go, Succubi are not worthy of your Might


Now welcome and embrace the Arts of War,

Rest not until only you are the endless Victor.

All Hail, Warrior of Darkness,

they shall fear you, they shall run from you.

Black Knight

Lust and Desire

always more Games to play

Passion has few Limits


Command and Control

to enslave and to punish

let them suffer and obey


Battle and Victory

no Mercy for the Weak

Only the Strongest survive


Pride and Strength

Power and Might

Dominion and Aggression