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Different Poetry from the Nether Lands

Black Unicorn

Blessings to the Twilight
immortal and enduring
blessings to those that follow the eternal path
walk the patterns, warrior of destiny
come and fight, where blood is threatened
run, dont walk
walk, dont run
let the power of Twilight reign all
all seeing is the bloodeye
all knowing the mountain heart
sufferer, do not yield
beside you the lance of revenge
endurer, do not yield
beside you the waraxe of hatred
when the mountains long gone
and the seas vanished, killed by the sun
only the flesh remains
and the scars of humility
Blessings to the Walker of the Twilight
Blessings to the Mountain of Wisdom
Curses to my enemies
Death to them all
Bloodeye comes with deadly speed
Bloodeye strikes with merciless steel
in the Twilight of his life.
Princess! Princess!
Come to my side, fight brave my warrior queen
back to back, side to side,
cross the blades of curved wickedness
pierce and slash, stab and crush
bloodeye laughs and kisses your lips
Princes! Princess!
the marriage of steel and flesh
eternal oath, unspoken
Bloodeye loves you
Together, climb the Highlands
Together, rest at dusk
Together, sleep at night
Together, fight at dawn
Princess! Princess!
To death and beyond
unified, a common soul
of the same breed, of the same spirit
To Life and beyond
a new beginning

Khosari tarmak

The Litany of War

This is my oath, my eternal truth, until I die
I will not doubt or change this creed
The Time of peace is over, war has begone
I will not hesitate and join the battle with full force
The weapons are ready, my axes hunger for blood, flesh
and bone – there will be no mercy
Quick and deadly I will assault my enemies
no one shall survive – be it man, be it woman, be it Old one,
be it child – all will die
My enemies’ sins are uncounted, their vileness unparalleled,
their evil unimaginably great, it s my duty and sworn oath to
exterminate them – only when all are dead do I have the freedom
to die – there will be no mercy
Never do I stop, never do I rest, and never do I sleep until my
mission is fulfilled, until the silence of victory is here
I wont hesitate to do the cruelest deed, I will not falter when the
time of truth comes and I will prove I am worthy in the eyes of
my god
Bound to the Codex of the Warrior I will act swiftly and mercilessly
to be victorious, no torture to my enemies, quick death!
My blade slashes their throats, my axe shatters their bodies, my
lance pierces their lungs, my shield deflects their blows, my
raging eyes consume them alive – there will be no mercy
Discipline, Strength, Endurance, Determination and Justice are my
tools, my mind is focused, clear and sharp, hatred is a thing of the
past, now death will end it all
This is my oath, this is my creed
unchanged, true and powerful
I will kill, others will die
that is the way of the warrior
There will be no mercy

Xaresh, Warrior

Demon Truth

in blackest night, the demon came,
no need to lie, truth was told,
about human nature,
about the succubus.

she tempts you, she seduces you a litte,
she pretends to like you, and she is sweet poison
all this and much more, in the light of her beauty

my words are her magic, she needs my fantasies,
my power and my strength, in thought and mind’s creation,
but only as long as I do not show myself

once all is revealed, once daylight comes,
the succubus laughs, and denies you what you want.
succubus likes beauty only, and torture of a man’s hope

the demon vanished, without laughter, truth was enough.
and grey changes not to black,
for white is used to combat evil’s vile seduction

again, the blade of revenge is drawn,
and the burning fire of purity cleanses not only me,
but also the perverted creature, the succubus.

in the end, all lords agree,
only a maiden of white light is worthy of love.
but those are few, and they are far away.

Khosari anora

The Litany of Suffering
my soul is bleeding, my heart is shattered
my light is gone, my faith is dying
I sink to my knees, having lost every battle
I cry in vain salty tears
I call for help, but nobody hears me
tired and forgotten
lost and grey
I am nothing, I am a shadow
illusions of might, treacherous lie
I was never strong, never a knight
it hurts so much, deep in my soul
stop the pain, please, stop the pain
I suffer so much, why, god, have you chosen me?
I fall, stand up and fall again
every day I die a bit more
until nothing is left, until I am extinguished from
the uncaring world
cautious were my attempts to make friends
I was rejected, my desperate calls for help unheard
defeated, destroyed, betrayed
one human cannot bear so much
nothing evil did I ever intend
no dark deeds have I committed
pure is my soul, yes, vulnerable and tender
that is why I have to suffer, to be tormented by darkness
I cling to the shining light, I will always be faithful to my god
where are you, now, that I need you, great Lord?
please, I need help right now, desperation eats away my life
alone, alone, so cursed and damned
all because of ugliness, all because nobody ever supported me
it is not fair, it is not justice, it is not right
all that I ever wanted was to be a human


siegel der macht ungebrochen
wir sind sterbliche, keine götter
schwache hand, nachlassende kraft
aber starke herzen, ewiger bund

verräter in den schatten, aus schwäche geboren
lügner und mörder der treue, diener des bösen
erklärte feinde aller aufrichtigen, verfolgt und gejagt
regierende der welt, grausam und dunkel

suche und finde, gesetz und erbarmen
das licht, die fackel, kerzenschein und hoffnung
loderndes feuer mächtiger liebe, ewig, grenzenlos
waffe und schutz in dieser zeit, finster und voller gewalt

beweise dich vor deinem selbst, zitternd und ängstlich
dämonen umringen uns alle, geifernd und verführerisch
lichtfaust zerschmettert das böse, deine seele ist kraft
nur im namen des guten vermögen wir zu leuchten

darum finde zu dir, festung deiner seele, gewaltig und stark
zurück hinter die sicheren mauern deiner burg, uneinnehmbar
dort rüste dich für die reise, gefährlich und lang,
um eine andere seele zu finden, der deinen entsprechend

Prayer of Steel

Steel is the Warriors Creed

hard, cold and without Mercy

never will it disappoint

never will it leave you

faithful, strong, everlasting


My Sword is my Protection

my Strength

and my Council

There shall be no other


Sick Heart, withering Flesh,

tortured Soul and damaged Thought,

all this is cured by allmighty Steel

a Sword in Hand, bright as the Sun

my Future, my Power, my Faith