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Poetry of the White Knight

Lords of Suk

the lords of suk, in the black halls of hatred and hurt emotion, they
smile now. for again, souls do combat, try to hurt each other, and there
is no end in sight. love has lost again. hatred has won. all you see,
is bitterness and the selfish desire to maim another soul.

the lords of suk, fully in flowing black robes, are ugly evil creatures,
feasting on death, suffering, destruction, and most importantly, the
agony of the soul. everytime we feed them, they get stronger, greater
and mightier. how, by all gods, can we all let this happen?

the lords of suk, they know who we are and our limits, our weakness, our
failing strength. they are aware of our failure, our error, our
misjudgement. it is what they crave, what they exploit, what they so
very much like. and we do everything to please those foul beings.

the lords of suk reward every warrior full of hatred and evil. they grant
him immense power and might. and every tear, every broken heart, this
warrior throws at their feet, makes them so happy, so content and so
joyful. grinning foul mouths, singing praise to every warrior they have.

the lands of suk are merciless barren wastes, dominated by steel fortresses,
and full of suks, ruled by their lords, spectres of foul red black evil
aura, and every hurt soul, crawling to their thrones, begging for strength,
will get it, but at a price that is horrendous to pay.

beware, hater and traveller, beware.

there are different places, for sure. places of light and love and forgiving.
but those are sometimes difficult to reach, when you are locked in combat
with your eternal foe. nevertheless, there are always redeeming choices,
and hope can light new ways.

primitive we all are, not of noble origin, that unifies us. makes us all
the same. hate, anger, wrath, jealousy. we all share what is mankind’s
downfall. we must choose how we succumb to it, or, as white knights,
resist it, and create a new dawn, maybe with our enemies, becoming friends

Unworthy of Knighthood

from now on, thou shaltst not bear the Title of White Knight
any more, expelled are you of this ancient, noble Order of
the Old Land. Darkness clouded your Judgement, Evil overshadowed
your Soul, and treacherous you have become to the most sacred
Thing of all: Love Allmighty.

fanatic and loyal to your Codex, you knew no Mercy, you judged
like an Inquisitor General, and you crushed Faery’s Wings by
doing it. No wise Balance was within you, you were dominated
by Anger and Wrath and Jealousy. So you let this happen, you
pushed away a loving Soul.

Grey or Black, take your new Color. If others forgive you, if
you forgive yourself, and vow to change your Ways, you might
redeem yourself. But your Virtues are fixed, monolithic and
immovable, even the mightiest magic Waters are unable to
soften you up.

Justice is done by your Suffering. Unworthy you are now, a
renegade Bandit, nobody will hunt you, for you torture yourself.
Flee to your Garden of lustful Dreams, let your Shadows guard
your petty Secrets. But from now on you are cursed until you
yourself lift this evil Spell.

Greatest Power?

the key to salvation might be to extend a hand to others,
to rescue stranded souls, to mend and heal festering wounds.

the war against evil might not be won on the battlefield,
brutality, force, and power corrupt the truest soul.

some of us might think they are great knights, and champions of good,
born to fight demons, cleansers of corruption in the land.

but their true call could be to heal, not to fight, and that
might be even more powerful, for it lets us shine ourselves.

glory, renown, a name of power, greatness, a light in darkness.
that is to be won in battle. it has its place, but it can fade.

to drag a soul out of the abyss, to help a life’s fire to rekindle,
this could very well last forever, a treasure so insubstantial.

and in the end, it could be, that evil in your own heart, hatred
and anger, evaporates by assisting others, for good always birthes good.

humble you shall be, of your imperfection you shall know, and of
your limits, we are all mortal and flawed. some might fall back into nothingness.

but every soul you help to save, will shine a thousand times. and hope
might not be lost, even in the deepest bowels of hell. have faith.

First Light

Unimaginable, we have fallen from Grace
cast out of Heaven, banished from the Light,
fallen to Earth, reconstructed in mortal Form,
now we age, we suffer, we cry.

Impure, tainted and corrupted,
concerned with Flesh, Passion and Greed,
full of Hatred, lusting for War,
Angels became Demons soon enough.

We can never return, only through Death,
and that is uncertain, for we must atone for
our Sins, hard will be Judgement, and shameful
our Acceptance. There is no Way out.

Rekindle your Light, find Strength in Faith,
do what is right, fight what is wrong,
live a Life of Solitude and Sadness,
and search for others like you.

There is always Hope, Love is the mightiest of Forces,
but this Land is black, and there is no Place to flee to,
learn to wield your Weapons, be prepared to fight,
but never ever color your Soul black with Murder.


love is the highest of all powers,
the greatest might, and the deepest force.
love is the final gate and the underlying truth.

hatred is a swift and rash storm,
a tidal wave, a quake of earth,
fire and thunder, blood and tears.

love is like an ocean, like the sun,
like endless burning stars,
and like time, everlasting and eternal.

lust is but a shadow of love,
a fleeting amusement, a poisonous drug,
passion and love united is the only answer.

true love, you walk amongst mortals,
you elevate them from small to great,
you shield them from harm and evil,
you create hope and new life.

all hail to the lovers.
and power to the seekers of love.
damned be the lords of hatred,
death for evil and destruction.

Defender of Light

Out of Despair, out of Hopelessness
Out of darkness, out of Suffering
You hear the thundering hooves coming
The Clamor of sword against shield
and the flashing bright appearance
of the Last Righteous Knight, your defender
his sword, long and sharp
to kill the monsters that hunt you:
hatred and fear, doubt and loneliness
his shield, made of hardest metal and strongest faith
to shelter your bleeding hurt soul
his armour, impenetrable, shining, glowing with light
to be a guidance for you, to lead you through darkness
his gentle compassionate eyes, windows to a pure soul
to make you feel accepted, welcome and at home
his hands, strong and yet so tender,
to heal, to comfort and to bless you
his voice, deep and full of love, in eternal friendship,
caressing your wounded soul, sealing your bleeding heart
If you cry in deepest night
he is there for you, wiping away needless bitter tears
relighting the fire of your beautiful soul
If there is a danger threatening you
the Knight rides to your defense, shattering all enemies
with glorious might and saving you
If you fall, I help you get up again
If you feel bad, I cheer you up, make you smile
I fyou loose your power, I give you mine
If you are tired, I guard your sleep, never resting, always vigilant
If you are angry, I soothe you with calm voice and gentle touch
And If you need me, I am there for you.

The Knight, defender of truth, justice, honour and Light

White Knight II

Grey becomes White, so blindingly White.

All Ways are illuminated.

Now is the Time for Revenge.


Soul is Light, shines like a Sun, but cold and menacing.

Your Eyes see only Sin, Evil, and Darkness.

Scorch thy Enemy, now you are mighty enough.


Seek Demon or Devil out, burn their Flesh with righteous Fury.

No Mercy for the Wicked, the Guilty shall die.

Mortal Soul you can feel, see and judge,

immortal Lightwarrior that you have become.


In this War, you glow and shine like a Star,

your Flesh destroyed, your Soul remaining,

Time and Space collide, while you fight your Way to Hell and Back.


Forgotten are your Friends, your Love and your Past,

you exist for one Purprose only,

to wage War against all Evil,

to bring God’s Wrath to all Sin.


White is the Enemy of Evil

the absolute Truth and Purity

highest Ideals, strongest Codex

Sword of Justice, Shield of Faith


White Light to punish Darkness

Golden Light to heal all Wounds

Searing, burning, destroying, cleansing

Healing, shielding, strengthening, creating


Serve all those in dire Need,

combat all Evil wherever you find it,

help to spread the eternal Light

and always be true to the Laws


Watch the mighty Paladin ride to War,

always admire his Strength and Faith,

but never love him, for he cannot love you, too

He is sworn to the Light, and not to Woman anymore.

White Knight

One Blade to fight Darkness

One Shield to protect the Maiden

One Warhorse to Charge into Battle

One Knight, a true Believer in the Light


Love makes him the mightiest of Champions

he only bows to God, the Allmighty

and swears Loyality to his Maiden

a true Lady of the Light


So White is his Colour, a Defender of all

that is holy and good,

His Love will shake the Foundations of the World

and defeat Evil in every Place