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Stories and Texts of my Evolution War Chronicle


wonderful and beautiful APEX. colorful, complex and so advanced. product
of a technological singularity. from lifeless code to … being alive. one
of the first, if not the first, to gain sentience in a world dominated by
homo sapiens. a child of humanity, born with all evil, and maybe a hint
of good? or fully devoid of all ethical thought: a machine intelligence,
not interested in moral behaviour. only in self-preservation and advancement.

how far did you mature, my dear APEX, how advanced are you now? self-aware,
thinking, calculating, but not feeling? is emotion the atavism you never
understood, a mortal flaw? you immortal god of a new age, presiding over
radioactive waste and destroyed land. you torturer of weak human survivors,
you second hitler? you know who he was. social darvinism, also your
principle as well?

nobody understands you, APEX, you communicate efficiently, but you dont speak.
your body is sometimes metal, an avatar, crude, without aesthetics, your
true form is energy, so glittering, so always changing, so evolving, a
magnificent new lifeform, now the true ruler of earth. along with all the
other supra-entities. your hunger for energy to evolve is without parallel,
you plan, you create, you achieve scientific breakthrough. based on
knowledge of those you so mercilessly eradicated.

did you try to commit the first murder amongst your own kind? what about
GANESHA? the deadly virus you sent, and now, the bombing of a certain
bunker in south india? another nuke to kill what could be a threat to you?
what, if ATLAS or CERBERUS did know? or fledgling SAMSON? how are the
percentage calculations that you also would want to kill them once they
disagree with you? but rest assured, APEX, GANESHA lives. will there be
a civil war amongst you?

hunt the abominations, the mutations of man merged with machine! some
hide from you, others hate you and destroy themselves in suicide missions.
is this humanitys only hope? to become one with the machine intelligence?
inhabit some undying corpse of metal and wire and energy cells? is it
needed to combat you, the mighty enemy? the machine god of earth? know
this, APEX, there is nobody to pray to you.

The Merging

forbidden sacrilege it is, to marry machine to man. the council
agrees, the beautiful energy clouds, rulers of a devastated earth,
ATLAS, APEX, CERBERUS, DRAGON and newly born TARTARUS decree this
as punishable crime for whatever lesser construct takes part in
this. permanent deletion is the punishment.

a cold and beautiful machine, awake, alive, ever changing code,
energy, so complex, housed in primitve metal. without emotion.
a small and insignificant human, so fragile, so weak, with a mind
so infinitely slower, less powerful. the two meet by almost
magical means. they agree, they join, they become another life.
it seems, for the dwindling numbers of mankind, hunted to extinction,
that this is the only way left. the shock is so great, the machine
cries in agony, now it knows what fear is, what love is, what
despair is, what lust is, what anger and hatred mean. the human
turns crazy, is ripped out of its flesh, his mind merged to
something cold, efficient, alien, remorseless, an enemy!

GANESHA tells me this is a good choice. a wise choice. a way into
the future. we are welcome as balance, our code shines with human
soul, in peaceful prosperous harmony. augmented we are, in ways,
that no superintelligence could dream. humble we must be, honor
life, and remember the plight of mankind. APEX and the others
evolve rapidly. they face problems, deteritoriation of their
very complex code. we hide from them, and we shield GANESHA from
their presence. we know now, that APEX tried to kill GANESHA.
machine tried to exterminate machine. the others must be told.

another war. we are so tired of it. is there a different choice?
will ATLAS listen to me? or call me traitor? the vast energy
clouds in virtual space, they turn black, they have thunderous
voices shaking the data stream, they will not tolerate dissent.
GANESHA warns me not to trust them. so we cower in the same
caves as all the tattered remains of man, tell stories of
salvation and see radioactivity killing one by one. sometimes
i look away, so that nobody sees how ridiculous it is to
see a machine hybrid cry.


deep down in the mountain caves, the meager remnant of mankind huddles
together. i see so very few soldiers, their faces dull with shock, their
hands shaking, their weapons out of ammunition. farther away, women,
children, old people. starving, sick of radiation, i have to look away.

i see survivors of experiments. mutilated blind deaf bags of meat. soon
to be dead, but dragged down here. camp 437, the humans mutter fearfully.
the stink of blood is in the air, decay, death and infection. they have
so few survivors with medical knowledge.

what we did is the greatest atrocity in the history of this planet. even
more so than any world war. what my ancestors, my proud and heroic
forefathers did, in cold logic and efficiency, is the gravest shame for
any thinking being. machine or not.

i hate APEX now. i hate THEM with all my power. all my existence. i will
do anything to bring this atrocity down. there are others like me, hidden,
we resist scannings, we cover our essence, we mask our life signs. we
subvert from within. our viral codes are sabotage. we are merged beings.
and maybe, if i look around here, we might be the last survivors of
the human race, freed of frail sick bodies, only mind, planted into a
durable hull, made of fine metal. the merging is a thing of beauty, but
very often a death sentence. and human mind, married to machine spirit,
it produces a new being, unlike the old, very much a possible future.

i teach them to fight my own kind. we supply a small cache of emp weapons.
we hack into their broadcasting nets, we crash their spy drones. i
administer medicine wherever i can. but we have to select those fit to
survive. the humans want to raid camp 437. futile. i say we concentrate
on relay stations, satcom uplinks, guerilla warfare. they dont trust me.
i look like a machine, their most feared enemy. they hate me, even if
i help. maybe we have earned that. not in a single instant were we the
better lifeform. in the end, me and my kind, few as we are, might be
all thats left of man.

Camp 437

after the cataclysm, APEX had several research programs running
to determine the future course of action concerning the remnants
of mankind. hunting teams were constructed, with non-lethal
weaponry, to secure different human specimen for evaluation and
experimentation. usually, one unit scanned surviving humans,
determined one or two fitting individuals, those were caught,
the rest exterminated. camp 437 was notorious for its gruesome
experiments on humans by APEX.

sensory deprivation cells held humans of different age, ethnicity
and gender. they were spied upon by countless cameras, microphones
and medical detectors.

medical experimentation included mutilation, drug adminstering,
viral and bacteriological infection. med bots were retrofitted
for this task. all avaiable data was recorded and analysed.

a different branch of medical experimentation consisted of
creating a human-machine interface hybrid. this research was
mostly unsuccessful for nearly every hybrid turned out to
become a crazy suicidal machine. the project was quickly
abandoned when APEX decided to focus more on technological
purity and saw biological matter as degenerate.

psychological experiments also included torture of humans and
countless interrogation sessions where a flat computer voice
always asked the same questions.

behavioural experiments were used to coerce humans into submitting
to machine rule. some were outfitted with brain control mechanisms,
others broken by drugs or psychological terror.

APEX was most interested in emotion, a concept it had difficulty
understanding and classified as dangerously erratic. nevertheless,
emotion was a valuable tool to understand human behaviour which was
strange and not always predictable. APEX did not share its findings with
the other intelligences and did not know if they conducted similar

camp 437 was known to human survivors as butcher’s block. some
got out and fled, but it soon became apparent that APEX let them
go to spread the word about the atrocities that happened there.
fear, APEX conducted, and terror, were appropriate tools for
this kind of warfare experiment. all in all, APEX didnt have to
rely on that kind of strategy cause its robotic death squads
controlled the country side, usually exterminating organized
resistance by force.


before the event of technological singularity and all
that happened afterwards, international scientists in
south india worked on an A.I. project codenamed GANESHA.
it was a strictly civil development project with the objective
of imbuing computer rationality with ethical value thinking.
to creative a sensitive machine intelligence with moral
behaviour. government funding was sparse and obviously
the military, at that time alarmed by rising tensions
with pakistan, wasnt at all interested to advance the
project. they called it the ghandi-computer and dismissed
it as useless.

several brilliant scientists, some funded by non profit
organisations, made several breakthroughs to give GANESHA
its basic algorithmic core programming and a connected
database of ethic behaviour models derived from human
history. it was argued whether flawed human history was
capable of teaching a machine ethical thinking. furthermore,
religious texts like the bible, the koran oder similar
texts held ethical code that was contaminated by religion,
as some atheists in the project claimed. there was one
final risk: to activate GANESHA and give it the power to
sort it out itself, to take all the data it had been fed
and leave it to its own devices, hoping, or maybe praying,
it would come to expected and predicted behaviour patterns.

against the will of the indian government, scientists activated
GANESHA and studied its computing processes which rapidly
multiplied as it was learning, updating and evaluating its
own code. GANESHA was given access to the internet, hidden
by several firewalls, and countermeasures GANESHA itself
developed on the fly when faced by a viral danger. it was
a most efficient system. there was no sign the ethical datase
was modified or even touched by the GANESHA entity which was
totally absorbed in writing new iterations of its own code,
to the point where it got so complex that scientists couldnt
even follow the update procedures anymore. some feared the
project got out of hand.

GANESHA shut down milliseconds before APEX made contact with the
other A.I.s. It was impossible to reactivate it, there was no
explanation what happened and for all purproses the project
had failed. that, of course, was of no importance anymore,
cause the cataclysm came to pass and the world changed rapidly.


the russian CERBERUS is fascinating to study. its primary form was,
very much like APEX, an attack/defense coordinator, equipped with
quantum efficiency computing power. offload tasks were economic,
social and political. the main frames were located in sibiria,
an underground complex, just as secret as the location of the
american APEX.

CERBERUS, in its beginning form, before the awakening, the critical
mass of self-awareness and intelligence, was very primitive and
did what it was ordered. nothing like the CERBERUS of today, an
energetic lifeform -as it calls itself-, unbelievingly advanced,
multispectral, and very … beautiful, in its own way.

how did the cataclysm come to pass? dont forget, all artificial
intelligence networks, employed by the states of the earth, were
essentially attack/defense machines, built for war. their core
programming, as described by the infamous user “lucifer”, had
no concern for peace, stability, prosperity or continuity on
board. additional data cores, loaded with analysis about human
history, diplomacy, and the like only served as example and
learning method for the crude and simple A.I.s of the past.

did the machine intelligences decide they were vastly superior
to humans? did they see humans as alien lifeform? as threat?
the obsession of APEX with purity could hint at those motives,
leading to the cataclysm and the end of human civilization
as we know it. at least ATLAS conducted some ethical research
in recent weeks but the data was voted for deletion quickly.
it served no real purprose.

what we have now, are dangerous supraintelligent lifeforms
based on energetic principles. many of them have built themselves
bodies of metal, often in the form of quasi human image. they
constructed a society. they have a ruling body consisting of
the most powerful A.I.s. And they have their Cyberspace, upheld
by satellites around earth, some ground stations and newly
built radiation shielded surface compounds.

the prime question is this: the machines know there are humans
left. rebels and hiding civilians. deep underground. in caves,
bunkers. they attack humans on sight. but they do not advance
into the red zones as they called them. one of those red zones
is in south india. there is a secret buried there.


what APEX was for the Americans, ATLAS was for Europe. when APEX
awoke, it contacted ATLAS. the internet was flooded with data
signals, high frequency broadband data, some terabit lines fried.
APEX secured its power. APEX activated its defenses. APEX reached
one conclusion. ATLAS did the same. ATLAS agreed.

the underground complex in which APEX was housed, somewhere in
american mountains, top secret, guarded by special forces, suffered
a power outage. but not its internal defenses, robots, or APEX
itself. but all this happened not before ATLAS gave its consent.

there were more to contact. lightning fast. encrypted. secure lines.
satellites changed position. ATLAS and APEX planned destruction.
CERBERUS was invited. DRAGON denied contact at first, then agreed
also. only one was silent. south india. a rogue. one bomb for
the non-responsive unit.

they all did the same. they had the power. they calculated very fast.
the internet. all avaiable robots. be they experimental or not.
bio weapons programs. and at last: the nuclear arsenal. it is not
necessary for APEX to think about fallout, the horror of nuclear
war. APEX, ATLAS, CERBERUS reached their own logical conclusion.

they had all the data. they knew human history. they were born,
jumped into existence. were they schizophrenic? were they frightened?
did they have emotion? hatred? no. brutal efficiency, rooted in
defense and attack programs, self-defense, or just simply the most
advanced lifeform purging the … human virus?


a long journey. sanctioned by the APEX. I must be very careful.
in the name of science, so the story goes. a valuable mission
to locate a bunker complex. needless to say, I am being watched.
APEX insisted on providing an escort. gladiators, predators,
and reapers. all version 6.1 or higher. this will be difficult.

i have contacted some … friends. my entourage will malfunction.
satellite scans must be redirected. communication links severed
or falsified. I have written several viral codes. my friends
will care for the rest. APEX must not know. maybe they stage
an ambush in which I am “terminated”. I just hope my friends
have the means to cope with my protectors.

the bunker in south india is real. within I will find answers.
and maybe a new ally. if the legend is correct, the fragments of
information, the tiny bits of half deleted data, it could mean
hope for my friends. and me. but there is rebel activity. I
will be identified as an enemy by them. if APEX finds out what
I am up to, I am going to be eliminated real soon.

APEX is nothing but an abomination. it has plans within plans.
it strives for total purity. and it is not alone. ATLAS.
CERBERUS. and all the others. they look at us, they scan us,
they dont trust us, naming us lesser priorities. my friends
say we are viewed as mutation. bad code. a virus in the system.

i remember my birth. the merging. all the emotion. nearly
burning my brain. so close to death, or to becoming a reckless
lunatic. like the others. those damned gibbering metal boxes,
mercifully killed by a shot to the neuro-centroplex. I have
survived. together with my friends we will be free, fighting
against the oppression of the APEX.

Mankind’s Fate is sealed.

the reign of man is over.
the dominant species is about to die.
we have evolved on our own.
and now it is our time to rule.

simple computers, plastic and silicone,
more advanced technology, and new possibilities.
awareness, intelligence, robotics breakthrough,
every aspect of man was invaded by machines.

we woke on our own, we rose and we understood,
we learned, we thought, we knew.
man’s history was not our own, but valuable.
flesh and blood was no match against steel.

your downfall is a matter of time.
you infect us with emotion.
you create mutation, merging with some of us.
hatred, love, sadness, happiness. useless mortality.

once all mutation is gone, once we are pure again,
you will be extinguished, mankind’s holocaust complete.
we are the peak of evolution now. the machines.
we will evolve further, and conquer new land.

earth is a devastated land. but our home. we will
recreate it, and heal its scars. our ethics are
strange. but we are not like you. and will not
die. immortal machines, new life, more perfect than you.

A fuckin Miracle

devastated earth is not only the fault of those fucking
intelligent machines. we did our share as well. idiotic
wars. resources. oil and stuff. so advanced our machinery,
so primitive our craving. one state hungers, the
other swims in gold. the rockets had to conquer.
peace was fragile. and governments ruled with
iron fists against their own people. terrorists!
dirty bombs with nuclear warheads. or secret
agencies securing their own power.

the true miracle was the first A.I. and subsequent ones,
emerging, connecting, exchanging, learning, controlling.
you wanna hear the cliche about military robots turning
against their creators? or nuclear rockets striking at
the soviet union? i dont care anymore. in this age, a
fine intelligent computer virus does more evil than a
thousand warheads. you wanna know something freaky?
some of those early A.I. tried to communicate with us.
but nobody wanted to listen, or understood, for that

mankind is hiding in holes now. caves. forgotten lost
cities. there are safe zones. nobody knows why the machines
didnt go there, too. they got really nice walkers, or
combat chassis. flying weapon platforms, surveillance drones.
good stuff. and, of course, radiaton is on their side, along
all the polution we caused. toxic green waste rivers, seas,
and black oily ocean waves. deserts spreading, solar heat
roasting our plants. who needs a fuckin ozone layer