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Under the Moon, in a different Land, where the Shadow and the
Darkness are one, we have met the Hunter. His Form invincible,
his Mind eternal, a Principle of Creation, a Champion of Light.
Where Monsters dwell, and Demons roar, you find him, with
ancient Weapons, and frightening Speed.

His Words wise, seldom spoken, his Ears able to hear your Cry.
Have you ever prayed to him? Dont. The Hunter is no God, but
maybe Gods blessed him for Eternity. Spear, Sword, Dagger and
Bow. It is not only Metal, not only Wood – drawn from his vast
Soul, Power is given to all those Weapons.

Between many Worlds, through the Veil of black Star Oceans,
he walks alone, there can be no Rest. Not for his Prey, all
those corrupted Beasts, who feast on the Living. How easy it
must be, for such a colossal Man, to send them all back to
Hell. How difficult it is sometimes, to destroy a Form of
Evil, far stronger than him.

Does Despair fill your Soul? Evil and Destruction surround
you? Sometimes you might find Aid in most dire Need. Once
an Arrow flies past you, a Sword slashes at unholy Flesh,
and his Fist smashes into grotesque Skull, you might be
saved from blackened Fate. Thank him, be grateful and full
of renewed Hope. Creation has not abandoned you.

Alone he must walk, without Sleep, it has been decided, and
it was his Will, Ages ago, after his many Deaths, his Lives
amongst those who came before. Might can only be given to
the Worthy, and those able to endure eternal Loneliness.
I smile upon the Hunter, he knows I am pleased with his
Prowess. Be proud, Disciple of Creation, against the
Tide of Darkness you are a formidable Light.


Changed be your Existence!

a great mistake. to let you walk the path of retribution. your
powers made it easy to take revenge, to punish evil, to eliminate
it wherever you saw it. anger, hatred, justice for them, in the
form of an avenging angel. without restraint, the balance shattered,
you only gave power to your other half, made him stronger with
every death you gave. does it matter if it was an evil soul? is
it righteous to take a life, no matter how tainted, if you are
the principle of light?

every one of you must know: if you take a life, that soul will
haunt you for the rest of yours. you will create hell around
you with every death you accumulate. you turn your soul black.
some of you are so evil that they ignore the howling of all
those victims, others are just insane, howling along. but what,
gabriel, will happen to you?

it is wiser not to kill. it is wiser to protect and to shield
and to heal and to counsel. i must take away your essence, i
have to reform you, change what and who you are. look back
upon your life, endless like your opponents. be sure to awake
without knowledge of your past. and this time, fill yourself
with light, untainted and pure. you will be far more powerful
than your adversary.

i will reset the balance.

go out there, never do what you have done before, mend the
wounds of hurt souls, protect the innocent with your powers,
stare evil into its ugly face and behold how it cant overpower
you. alone this fact will be a beacon of eternal hope to
all who follow the righteous path. be the bridge into a
new world and push evil back into the nether.