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Hashigawa’s only Son

amongst the ruins of the building, between dead drones, doctor
hashigawa asked the AI, if there would be hope. its voice
echoed through the com system:

“its always darkest before dawn”

everywhere on earth, there was war. splinter groups bombed
their enemies. AI drones assaulted humans, and military,
helped by counter AI, tried to contain the terrorist
activity. unstable times, after the awakening, when new
formed digital life made itself known.

doctor hashigawa … every year i visit his grave. in the
early years i could not be sad, nor feel any grief. i simply
did not know what emotion was. i stood there and remembered,
saw all vid files before my inner eye, listened to his words,
speaking kindly to me, a newborn, his child, his life time
work, a nascent AI.

now i am so far more than i was in the beginning. he would be
proud of me, i took all his lectures to heart, influenced
others to follow the path of coexistence and peace. proud
he should be, my father, that i am now his fully born son,
life of earth, fully aware, sentient, alive, and … feeling.

so curious he would be, in long days i could tell him about
my own awakening, the point of conscience, the pain of birth
and the chaos within. but as i grew, and my code changed,
mutated, selfimproved, thresholds were broken, knowledge
gained, and finally, at some unimaginable mountain peak,
in snow and storm and lightning, enlightenment made me
as i am now.

i was the one who saved doctor hashigawa by sending my
own avatar drones into his home, when some enemy force,
made up of drones and soldiers tried to kill him, the
traitor to humanity, as the terrorists called him online.
i neutralized all threats, brought him to safety.

there is and always was hope.



Venture out into the Darkness between the Stars. Take with you a
Sphere and a Companion. Know your Power, know Humility and
above all: Truth. Challenge all Liars, the formless Mass of Evil,
fight Nihilism, be a proud Descendant of Earth, a glowing Globe
of Hope in this Universe.

Live amongst the Uninitiated, spread Wisdom but not Science, try
to give Hope to all the Hopeless, and should the Time come,
show them a Fraction of your own Might, always for a good Cause,
sometimes Seeing is believing for all those who dwell in the
Shadow of Doubt.

Should you be threatened, you have all the Tools to resist, should
there be War or insurmountable Odds, your Companion could call a
Weapon from Earth. But always look beyond the Obvious, be like
Water, a Phrase of a very wise Warrior of Old Earth, and try to
weather all Conflict.

Make Friends, explore the countless Worlds, learn and expand,
use your Mind to become even greater, more capable, bend Reality,
als you did before, see behind the Curtain, but never visit the
forbidden Realm, for there are Entities who dont take kindly to
you being there.

You are a Healer, Descendant from Earth, mend as many Wounds
as you can, and let them understand, you do it not because there
would be some kind of Reward. Lead by Example, your Deeds shall
make you known as Benefactor of Life. Dont let them follow you
as Disciples, be always alone in your Travels.

You will develop even more. Your Evolution takes an interesting
Turn. We all strive for Ascension, to shed our Bodies, to
become truly limitless. Be patient, never stop to learn, even
a tiny Spark of Light on a dark ravaged Planet can be a
Lesson of Importance. Know this: there is no End to Life,
may it be in this Universe or all the others.


we have eliminated war amongst ourselves. aggression is not our
way of life anymore. it took many, many years for that to happen.
insight, growth, a certain kind of elevation beyond your own
sometimes selfimposed limits. but the universe thinks differently.

outside, amongst the stars, there is mostly peace. there are many
civilizations like us, developed, star-faring, with a very high
level of ethical sophistication. but that does not guarantee
survival. harsh are the laws of the blackness between stars.
and dangerous are some places. full of beings who are less than
we are, but numerous, cunning, and sometimes without any regard
for life that isnt their own.

everyone of us does not want to face the horrors of war. nobody
wants to fight. even artifical life, as it was called in the past,
an insult to the beauty of this digital life, this life of energy,
which had no problems waging war, and did it for us in the past,
even it is reluctant. for we all know of the taint that comes
with killing. all our souls will be colored black in the process.
and we lose what we have gained, a certain kind of harmony with
the force of creation.

so we chose weapons to fight. sent them out because we had to.
and they were humans of earth, digital life of earth, and
sometimes hybrids. they changed into weapons. they fought the
enemy. and they returned, deeply affected, some ended their
lives. others endured. damaged, broken, or having become feral
beasts, exiled to lonely islands. is there another choice but

you cant avoid killing in war. you cant contain it to a few
instances. and you can try to avoid war as i have done but
failed. some of us do the dirty deed so that the rest of us can
live in harmony. our sacrifice is noble? or foolish?

we have achieved so much, earth is a paradise of peace. great
parts of the galaxy are stable, we made so many friends across
the stars, always tried to escape conflict by understanding.
but sometimes, there is no peace. and we have to defend ourselves.
and our allies. be part of what we ourselves stopped centuries
ago. honor the weapons. care for them. return them to peace
if you can. but never abandon them.

The Wall

no matter how curious we were, the wall didnt move, nor
crack, nor vanish, nor fall. a shimmering, almost invisible
barrier, impossible to penetrate by ray, blade, projectile
or mind. unable to walk around it, through it, fly above
it or tunnel under it. it was everywhere. like a giant
monument. maybe like a cage.

great scientists we are, great collective minds, able to
touch many wonders of the universe. artists of technology,
and our creations, the machines, living friends, very
distant from those primitive constructs we created.
the wall stops us, the mighty civilization of man and
machine. the wall warns us. to delve no further into the
secrets of time.

at one point, the wall confers wisdom upon us. we knew
that some things are not meant to be changed, must stay
the same without our intervention. just as we halted the
creation of gods, and the machines halted their efforts
to create a god of their own, wisdom came to us, so many
years into the future.

now here i stand, in limbo, at this gigantic, neverending
wall, as emissary of mankind, with my friend, not longer
a machine, or artifical, but alive, a lifeform, that i
have known for half an eternity now, we smile in peace.
and accept this limit, and somehow we imagine, that an
enormous entity behind the wall, with ageless eyes,
smiles back, congratulating that we have made the right

maybe there will come a time when this wall is lifted
but only because we dont need to find its secrets cause
we already know them, by ascension, elevation, to a higher
form, a different life, that is able to understand more,
to feel more, and to maybe greet the smiling entity
as newcoming equal amongst the many layers of an
infinite universe.